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2021-10-17 Tom Calvert, former vice-president of TechBC, and SIAT's first directory has passed away. 1936-04-12 to 2021-09-28.
SFU news: "In memory of Tom Calvert, professor emeritus" (mirror).
Other: Thomas CALVERT Obituary (1936-2021) (mirror).
2017-11-07New article: "Neo-liberalism and institutionalism in the short life of TechBC", by Holly Hendrigan, published in Historical Studies in Education, Fall 2017, page 91. (mirror)
2017-11-07TechBC Memory Project URL updated, now with transcripts.
2015-12-02Site moved: the server previously hosting this collection finally died of old age. The content has been mostly restored to a new location. The TekBC content remains offline.
2015-12-01TechBC Memory Project (hosted at SFU Summit) The Tech BC Memory Project is an oral history project that seeks to document the stories and experiences of the staff, faculty, administrators, and students who worked and learned at the Technical University of British Columbia during its operating years (1999-2002).
2015-xx-xxArchive of pages
2015-xx-xxArchive of Industry Canada TechBC submission
2009-02-20Yeardisk now online.
2009-02-24Sorry about the delays, but real life happened.

Upcoming Plans

2008-04-11TekBC Underground joins the TechBC hosting. DONE! - blog aggregation of all past TechBC people Cancelled. No RSS feeds from Facebook - TechBC Yeardisk 2002 (2005). Now available. - Host all of John Trueman's TechBC Research Project and Thesis: "Our Time Will Come Again": Tracing the Story of the Technical University of British Columbia ISBN 0-9739620-1-1 - Wiki for recording history and stories of TechBC. - IMAP and WebMail for all past students, faculty and staff. - Original TechBC websites - Time to learn again!

What was TechBC

The Wikipedia page contains a reasonable summary of the story of how TechBC came into being, and how it was shuttered as a government project.

Goals and Requests

I'm Robin Johnson, one of the original TechBC student core, and I've started hosting all of the TechBC material I can lay my hands on, so that it does not vanish into the depths of the Internet and become lost forever.

If you have absolutely any material about TechBC, esp. in a digital form, I'd absolutely love to hear from you - and I'll help out in moving the data. Please email me,

TechBC websites, literature, photographs, stories, internal details, and anything else - I'd really love to have it.